Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review of Wide Open by Shelly Crane

Milo is trouble. 

He lives it, breathes it. He embraces anything that numbs and takes his mind somewhere else, a world where his mother is herself and not just a shell, and his brother didn't almost kill her, severing any relationship they had. But more importantly, Milo drowns out the guilt for leaving his mother and not being able to forgive his brother. He drowns his pride and moves on to another girl and another party, pretending that life isn't moving on around him and he's stuck in the same place. He's stuck in the past and doesn't know how to let go.

Maya is trouble.

She's done the party scene and has had her fair share of close calls and handcuffs. Not the kinky kind. She's so over it all and fought like hell for that life to let go so she could move on. She now works as a teen counselor. Her life is better, but her life is empty. She has no one but her brother in the whole world left and he's sick with a disease that no medicine can cure. 

When they meet, a romance that scares them both emerges, but the love you fight for is the love that can mend bridges, heal scars, and open closed hearts. They'll need each other, they'll want each other, they'll have each other. 

But will it all come too late?

First off I will say I'm sure you could read this without reading the 2 priors in this series.  I do not suggest it, unless you aren't looking for the whole story/picture.  Read the first 2 Wide Awake then Wide Spaces and you will have the whole picture. So much better that way.

 I always enjoy Shelly's books.   She has a way of inviting you in, like a warm cozy blanket with the beautifully broken characters, and makes you pull that blanket snugly around you as you go through the trials and tribulations with each character.  Milo and Maya’s story is just that, beautiful and broken and wonderful.   Adapting to a new life, overcoming daily challenges for some is so much harder than you would think.  Everyone has their demons.  This book was touching and very heartwarming for me. So much personal growth, for healing and towards closure.  A beautiful romance that rises from grief and pain and personal demons.  Two people not only learning to trust each other but really learning to invest trust in themselves.

 This is going in my stack of Re-Reads.  5 stars from me,  No loose ends on this one, or cliffhangers but I kinda hope that the Wright boys story is not over.