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COVER REVEAL ~~Afflicted~~ By: Sophie Monroe

  Book Title: Afflicted

Author: Sophie Monroe

Cover Designer: Sophie Monroe & Chris Correia (CJC Photography)

Release Date: June 1st (tentative)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover reveal organized by: The Little Black Book Blog

Afflicted is expected out in early to mid June. Official release date still pending.
Fresh off tour Blake Potter, the sexy bassist for Battlescars, is in Smithville, Ohio to work on their next album ‘Coming Clean’. Still pining after Aubrey’s best friend, Piper, it’s going to be harder than he expected to see her back with her long-term boyfriend, Cole. He’s trying his hardest to forget her, but no matter how hard he tries to stay away circumstances keep bringing them together. Being burned before, he refuses to let it happen again. He’s still struggling to let go of Rowan, the girl that made him the way he is.
Piper is fighting an uphill battle of her own. She’s working her ass off trying to make a name for herself as a tattoo artist. Her long-term boyfriend, Cole, was recently discharged from the Marines turning her world in a way that she never expected. When he begins leaving for days at a time Piper starts struggling to help him pick up the pieces. She calls the one person that might be able to help, Blake. He becomes the friend that she needs no matter how much it’s killing him.
What will happen when one phone call changes everything for both of them leading them in a path that neither anticipated? Pasts will come out of the shadows and threaten to ruin everything.

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About the Author: 
Sophie Monroe is an author from New Jersey. She’s obsessed with music and loves a good story. She released the Amazon Best Seller Battlescars in March. Afflicted is a spin-off of Battlescars with different characters but has appearances of the reader’s favorites Jake, Aubrey and Granny Jean, along with the rest of the gang.
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J.L. Durfey is a brand new author with hopes of building a dedicated fan base and stories readers will love. She is currently residing in Kentucky with her husband and two young children. For as long as she can remember, words have inspired and driven her. Writing has always been a means of expression, of therapy, of excitement, and of vulnerability.

Apart from writing and creating fictional worlds, J.L. Durfey enjoys singing, music, shopping, spending time with her wonderful husband and two children, and traveling. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Management through Ashford University, and spent eight years in the Army as a Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear specialist and Engineer. 

DREAMER (book one in the Kali Lockton series)

At twenty-four years old, Kali Lockton has lived her life feeling alone. For a girl who has visions and in turn tries to prevent them from becoming real, social acceptance can be difficult if not near impossible to attain. After enduring years of ridicule and small town gossip, she finds her resiliency behind the thick figurative walls in which she’s encased herself.

Everything changes when, starting a new life away from home, a vision brings her to the young, handsome detective, Jared Miles. For the first time in her life, she has someone who believes and is willing to take risks in order to help her change the inevitable future. Overtime, she finds herself allowing Jared into the depths of her seemingly impenetrable walls, so close to her heart.

When her normal visions turn into recurring, elusive, complicated, inconceivable things that threaten her very existence, she’s forced to turn to him for answers. What she discovers is far more abstruse than anything she could have ever prepared for. To make things worse, she finds herself dangerously exposed in a world full of self-serving, evil beings who would love nothing more than to get their hands on her.

Despite this, nothing terrifies her more than releasing her suppressed feelings for a man she feels certain would never return her affections, a man who's not even human.

I am a huge Para normal Romance fan but I am very picky not everything out there is my cup of tea .... But I loved this book Durfey did an amazing job of setting up the characters and making you love them. Kali who has lived with visions all her life and has been an outcast because of it. Finally she gets to put her visions to work when she meets Jared a Detective who believes her. Kali slowly lets her wall down and starts to fall in love with the HOT detective Jared who seems to always know what she is thinking....*hint* She has one haunting vision that plagues her and it seems to be getting worse coming to her during the day causing her to black out so she can see things she doesn't understand or think could ever exist. We soon learn there is so much more to her visions powerful beings who would kill for that gift. Kali soon learns Jared is not a detective but A type of Guardian or warrior from his relem she meets several others who would kill to have her as their own. The ending of book one will leave you with the need for more. I cant wait for book two to come out!!! I am so glad I took a chance and read a new author!

Book Bitch Stephenie


The Final Lesson Plan
Schooled Two

“They’re baaack!”

The raunchy, witty gang from Schooled is back again, but this time what they lack in full-out graphic erotica, they more than make up for in humor, sarcasm, sexual innuendo, and believe it or not, emotional angst.

Now that Janelle Garrity’s reputation has been slandered all over her hometown, and the locals are referring to her as “Professor Pedophile,” she has a lot of cleansing of her good name to tend to. But that won’t stop her from still getting down and dirty with her sexy boy toys, Briggs Alexander and Leo Cling.  Both men taught her about that four-letter word, lust.  But, can they further her education and teach her even more about love?  Briggs and Leo both possess secrets that Janelle never saw coming.  Will those secrets be too much for her, causing this teacher to dismiss class early?  Or does Janelle Garrity, teacher extraordinaire, have that special ability to turn all situations into a “teachable moment” for everyone involved?  

Inquiring and dirty minds want to know; will Janelle hold on to that hunky football star, taking him all the way to the end zone? Or will Janelle choose the romance-reading intellectual as her other half?  The Final Lesson Plan will give you all the answers, and you won’t even have to cheat.

Book Review ~Second Chance Boyfriend ~ By: Monica Murphy

Lost. That one single word best describes my life at this very moment. I lost the last games of the season and both my team and my coach blame me. I lost the last two months because I drowned in my own despair like a complete loser. And I lost the only girl who ever mattered because I was afraid being with me would destroy her.
But now I realize how truly lost I am without her. She has become my story...and even though she acts like she's moved on, I know she still thinks about me just as much as I think about her. She's beautiful, sweet--and so damn vulnerable, all I want to do is help her. Be there for her.

Love her...
If only I could convince Fable to give me a second chance. Then I wouldn't feel so lost anymore, and neither would she. We could be found together.


~Great follow up book. If you haven't read Monica's first book "One Week Girlfriend" then you need to. Second Chance Boyfriend is the sequal. Monica did a great job pulling in the feelings and emotions in this book as she did with the first one and it takes you right back to where the first one ended.
All of the drama, chaos, and literally the effed-up-ness is there and she adds to it.
Drew has got to be one of the sweetest, most lovable guys ever. Even with all of his problems (and believe me, they're serious problems!) his biggest concern is Fable.
I wasn't expecting Fable's mom to pull a stunt like that and I was surprised that Owen took it out on Fable at first like he did, but I understand it too.
The twist at the end I was not expecting at all. I knew Adele was a monster, but I didn't think it would go that far. Honestly I looking back at it now, I don't think I would have wanted the outcome to be any different. As selfish as that decision is, she took away the possibility to hurt any of them further.
A weird part of me wanted to know the truth about Vanessa, but in the end it doesn't matter. What's done was done.
The ending was great!! I loved the way Drew put all his emotions out there and Fable did too. All in all, this was a great sequel, and I would recommend the series over and over again.

Book Bitch Ashleigh

Book Review ~Losing It~ By Cora Cormack


Bliss Edwards is about to graduate from college and still has hers. Sick of being the only virgin among her friends, she decides the best way to deal with the problem is to lose it as quickly and simply as possible-- a one-night stand. But her plan turns out to be anything but simple when she freaks out and leaves a gorgeous guy alone and naked in her bed with an excuse that no one with half-a-brain would ever believe. And as if that weren't embarrassing enough, when she arrives for her first class of her last college semester, she recognizes her new theatre professor. She'd left him naked in her bed about 8 hours earlier.

~REALLY??? Who, EVER, would use that as an excuse??!!?? O.k.... now that I got that out, this was a fantastic read! It wasn't super long, but fantastic none-the-less. You get pulled in right away and I loved reading Bliss's internal debates no matter what she was doing.
When the drama unfolds with Cade (oh Cade), I honestly didn't know what to expect. And Hamlet, and that whole situation is hilarious!! Who does that??
Her relationships between the support characters was great! I LOVE Rusty! I thought Kelsey could have been a bit less pushy and bit more supportive but she totally redeems herself in the end.
I liked that Garrick was a gentleman and he was 'real' and apologizing when he needed to, even though he had to be a stubborn ass first.
The Epilogue was awesome!! I cannot wait for 'Faking It' coming out early June.

Book Bitch Ashleigh