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We are supper excited to be back up and running our blog page again live got busy and this had to move to the back burner . we will be starting out slow with weekly posts promoting authors and adding some reviews in the mix as well. We hope to join in on some blog tours here and there it just depends on where life takes us .  I hope you stick with us and enjoy the ride we are all on.

Please understand we do not earn money for what we do! We blog because we love to read, we love books and we love the authors who bring us the stories that make us laugh and ugly cry and make us fall in love over and over again.  Being free to post when we want and how we want is important to us. We are both working moms and sometimes life doesnt allow for that 6am post no matter how hard you try.

When you run with the crowd you blend in and become forgettable just another blog on a blog tour with a 5 star review.  We want people to find our blog and see truthful reviews of books we found amazing and worth sharing. We want our viewers to interact with us ask us questions about books we have read and tell us about books they thought were amazing not just comment on a link on our page for a chance to win a book and when contest is over unlike the page and move on.

Review Requests at this time are being accepted.  *** We still want to hear about your new book we may not be able to review it but we can still help by sharing it with our viewers****

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