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My life has always been safe. I like it that way. I grew up in a fake society where plastic hearts rule. If our hearts are made of plastic, they can never be broken. My parents have expectations and I do everything I can to meet them, even if it means giving up on my own dreams. Now, all I want is to be free to make my own choices. Dane Wright is everything I have been warned to stay away from. We met one night while I was with my perfect, parent-approved boyfriend and I haven’t stopped thinking about him. I don’t want to like him. I am doing everything I can to ignore his pull, but my heart seems to want what it cannot have, what it has never had. Can he measure up? He may think I am too good for him, but maybe he is too good for me. Life is a series of choices and I have never been able to make my own. Until one day, when my heart decides to make a choice for me.


Alexandra "Alex" lives a life paved by her parents. Everything she has ever done has been planned for her. What she wears, who she dates, even her major in college. Her parents have always been more concerned about the perfect life rather than love. Dane brings out a side of Alex that she is scared of....the Alex she wants to be but can't. If she goes against their wishes there are consequences.

I really enjoyed this book! Can't wait for Glass Hearts :)
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