Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Author Taylor L Stimac & Her book Trusted (book one of the trusted series)

Who is Taylor you ask ??? I met Taylor thru Good Reads one day looking for Beta readers so I emailed I got her book then that same week I started this blog with the girls and then my Kindle and Amazon decided to not agree and be friends so when i finally got things working I thought I had transferred all my files back to it and guess what Taylor's book wasn't there. I get this sweet email asking me what I thought about the book and I sat and stared at the computer TERRIFIED.....what??? I scrambled with my kindle searching and I cant find the book and I panic so a beg her to forgive me ask her to resend it to me and I spend the next two days doing nothing but read and I could kick my self for not reading it sooner. I loved the book Paranormal is one of my favs. 

Trusted wow where do i begin and not give away the story .........well to start with you have Tegan (I love the name!) who is your average teenage girl who lives with her parents and has a curfew cant date till she is 16 and meets a hot Radio Dj named Rake who wants to date her.  She has her best friend Sara who helps her to date Rake and deal with her overbearing dad.  The same day she meets Rake she also meets Damien a local police officer ( or is he) who warns her to stay away from rake.  She starts to have dreams telling her to stay away ......Does she trust this Damien ??? Is there something about Rake she shouldn't trust??? hmmm I cant say anymore with out spoiling it for you !!
 Enjoy Book Bitch Stephenie

here is a teaser from Trusted !


As I walked over to turn off the radio, I stopped dead in my tracks. Just above my closet door, a black shadowy figure crept slowly down my wall. Frozen with fear, I watched as the elusive presence made it's way to where I was standing. I wanted to bolt for the door, screaming like a child for my Mommy, but I couldn't move. It was as if I were glued to that very spot. An icy chill crawled up my spine and the words “stay away” tickled my ears.
I felt the tears well up in my eyes, escaping left and right. Finally, the presence released me from it's grip and I collapsed to the floor, sobbing.
I heard the footsteps of my mom rushing towards my bedroom door, but I just laid there, unable to move.
“Tegan! Oh my gosh, what happened to you? Are you okay? What is it??”
Hyperventilating, I mouthed the words “ghosts, demon, in, here.”
“What are you talking about, Tegan?? There's no such thing as ghosts.” I could tell by her expression that she was trying to fool herself.
“Richard, get in here!” she yelled for my dad.
“What, what's going on?”
“She thinks there's some kind of ghost in here,” Mom replied.
“Ghost? Really? You've got to be kidding me.” Dad always had a way of diffusing any situation, no matter how dramatic.
“For the love of butter. This is ridiculous,” he said. “Get her some water Jeanette. Tegan get up and quit your blubbering.”


About the Author

Taylor L. Stimac is a Young Adult novelist with a passion for storytelling. She graduated from East Central University in Ada, OK with a Master’s degree in Educational Technology. She’s been an English teacher since 2010 but has since found that her passion lies in writing prose rather than teaching it. When she’s not writing, Taylor enjoys painting, listening to music, and crafting. She resides in Arkansas with her husband and daughter.


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