Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Author Spotlight Morgan Jane Mitchel

Questions for Morgan Jane Mitchell

  1. If you were a character in your one of your books who would
    you be ?

If I were a character in my scary dystopian world of Sanguis City, I’d love to be Noir. Although her life is pretty complicated, I have plans for her.

  1. If you could date or marry one of your male leads who would it be??

Sander is my favorite even if he is a bit scary at times; I know his true nature because I made him. Besides, he is a hot vampire god.

  1. Where would you like to do a book signing that you have not been to yet?

I will be signing in New York and West Virginia next year, so there are lots of other places I want to sign. If I have to pick one, it would be in London.
  1. What Author would you Fan girl over if you met them??

I have met some pretty fabulous authors, Neil Gaimen, Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris,some of my favorites who all had me fan girling. Anne Rice was just at my local bookstore, and I missed it! I will be signing books with amazing bestselling authors; I will be secretly fan girling them all.

  1. If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?

Ancient Egyptian art has always fascinated me. Seeing the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, sailing down the river Nile is my dream vacation.

  1. Out if all the reviews written for your books is there one that stood out from the rest one that you will always remember good or bad??

One of my favorite reviews

  1. Would you like to see your books come to life movie, mini series or big screen?? If so is there a specific producer who you think would do your book justice??

Personally, I would want to produce my own or at least be on the team. I have no producer in mind. I have seen too many books taken in the wrong direction. I would never give away creative control. For example, since I have a vampire series, True Blood is so disappointing for many fans of the books. A show, movie, comic book, whatever needs to at least follow the rules of the world it is based on. I would never want my books translated into bad fan fiction for the big screen.

  1. Lets turn the tables a bit we are always Interviewing authors so now here is your chance to ask bloggers and your readers if you could interview the blogs who promote you and your readers who love you what 3 questions would you ask them?

Do you like to get feedback from authors about your reviews?
What makes you one click, a cover, a friend’s recommendation, a blog post?
What would you like to read that no one seems to write about?

  1. What is your favorite candy??


  1. What's your all time favorite movie?

This is hard. One of them is The Color Purple. I love the book. Did you know it’s part of a series? The movie was a great adaptation, plus I have a thing for musicals.


The End was not a Zombie apocalypse but a Vampire one.

Ever wonder what happens after the world ends?
Lilanoir Rue did, a mere by product of the destruction, she never knew what happened before hand either. No longer just a human with fangs, she is banished from the only place she called home, the Human Reservation. She wipes her tears and never looks back.
In a world gone dead, life has never been so good, for some. While others live in chaos, the chosen call Sanguis City home. The rich and powerful found a way to survive The End and enjoy every minute of it, for eternity. On the brink of a gruesome death from starvation, disease or a hungry zombie, humans flock there to sell their blood for peace and security.
The city of blood, made for and by vampires, welcomes Noir; her kind are in high demand. New vampires, the ones who bought immortality, need a loyal workforce. Neither Human nor Vampire, Bleeders take care of the city in the daylight. Draining humans by day and dating Vampires at night leaves Noir little time to think about her past, or much else, until it finds her.
Noir never dreamed her fangs would be the ticket to the good life, but three years in the city has earned her a promising future, career and, just maybe, a love life. But when she falls for her charmingly sexy Professor, an Authentic Vampire, she also falls into a web of nightmares. Does she really know anything about the real Vampires or about the city she now calls home? Unable to escape painful memories, she uncovers more than her own secrets. Quickly her dystopian paradise starts crashing down around her, and some secrets just won't stay dead, and others are bound to kill her before finals week. Ending up in bed with a monster, in more ways than one, might not be as bad as she had imagined.


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