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I am excited for this week I adore this Author she is super friendly and an amazing writer. I hope you enjoy her work and add them to your TBR list!

Tempted: A Nightshade Novel (Nightshade #1) 
 *For mature readers only due to graphic language and sexual situations*
    He spotted her in club Nightshade, a beautiful goddess among the mortals, and from that moment on she was his everything. She tempted him. She intrigued him. He wanted her.
Sabrina Donahue knew she was playing with fire from the moment their lips met, but something about Roman Arceneaux made it difficult for her to care.
    Sensual and darkly intense, Roman is every woman’s fantasy come to life. One by one, Sabrina’s reservations fall prey to his skilled seduction, leaving her dreaming of a future she never imagined.
    When monsters and mayhem intrude upon their lives, Sabrina’s fragile existence is threatened and Roman is left to wonder if their love will survive.


Salvaged: A Nightshade Novel (Nightshade #2)

A man on a mission to obliterate his existence.

A woman bent on eternal punishment.

Once in love, separated by Fate.

Can Caius and Wren forget the pain of the past and forge a new future for themselves?

*For mature readers only due to graphic language and sexual situations*



Beloved: A Nightshade Novel (Nightshade #3)

Caine and Gaela's love is a love twisted by Fate, but it has somehow endured.

Through pain and loss, lies and death, their love has burned brightly through the darkness, leading them into each other’s arms once more.

But Gaela has a secret, and there are forces beyond Caine's control driving them apart once more.

Cursed and star crossed, if Caine and Gaela want a love worth dying for, then they're going to have to fight for it!

*For mature readers only due to graphic language and sexual situations*

Fated: A Nightshade Novel (Nightshade #4)
  It was supposed to be a night of mind blowing sex- a night without strings or traps- and nothing more. But somewhere along the way, both Gideon Romanov and Gianna Ellington found more than just unbridled passion in each other's arms. Now neither knows how to escape the trap without causing the other more pain.
With their fates intertwined and written long before their births, Gideon and Gianna must decide what is most important in their lives and fight for what they want.
Even if it means breaking the bonds of love and loyalty that have bound their hearts and fates together.
*For mature readers only due to graphic language and sexual situations*

 Destined. Mated. Bonded.
Justice Winchester isn’t interested in forever, not after the way her last relationship ended, and she tries to resist the growing attraction she feels for the tall, blond Viking Karas to no avail. With every touch, and every kiss, she finds herself falling further under his sensual spell.
Karas doesn’t understand why the green eyed woman fascinates him or why he’s so drawn to a female he should despise, but his Dragon does, and Glaceaphylax isn’t going to allow anything or anyone to stand between himself and his Consort.
Undeniable desire, need and passion burn hot and combustible between Karas and Justice, but they both have their doubts.
Can she forget the pain of the past and find the courage to love once more?
Can the great-granddaughter of his greatest enemy be the woman who finally tames both the man and his beast?
BONDED- (Nightshade #5)

“…Justice Wainwright stood on the front stoop of the townhome her friend Ariel shared with her brother, Boone, and rang the doorbell once more. Light shone brightly from the windows of the brownstone home, and until a moment ago, Justice was certain she had heard someone inside. So why was no one answering the door?

Pressing the doorbell once more, Justice leaned close until she had her ear pressed against the door, and closing her eyes, she listened hard. Ariel had seemed distracted and upset the last time Justice had seen her at the coffee shop, and worried, Justice had thought she would stop by and see if Ariel wanted to grab a movie or dinner together. Sometimes the best way to deal with a problem was to let it all out over Pad Thai and hot rice wine.

Another minute passed and still no one came to the door. With a sigh, Justice decided the sounds she’d thought she’d heard minutes before had been her imagination and with a sigh, she turned to walk down the short flight of steps to the sidewalk and trying calling Ariel in the morning. Just as her foot landed on the first downward step, however, she heard a god awful roar followed by a terrified shriek.

Without stopping to think, Justice pivoted and ran back to the door and started pounding; it wasn’t the sound of the scream drove her, but rather, it was the bestial roar that ignited her protective instincts. That rumble had sounded frightened and confused, and she had to comfort whomever or whatever had made the sound. Grasping the doorknob, she was startled to find the door unlocked, and without a second thought, she pushed the door open and rushed inside.

To her right and ahead, was a staircase that led to the second floor. Before her was a hallway that led to the back of the townhouse. Moving down the hall, Justice followed the sounds of splintering wood and breaking glass. Interspersed amid the sounds of destruction was the lowing, keening sounds of a trapped animal, and it was those sounds, more than anything else that drew her deeper down the corridor. She passed the empty living room without as much as a glance inside; she wasn’t interested in any place other than the room those forlorn noises were coming from. She couldn’t ignore them; it was as if the noises reached into her chest and grabbed hold of her heart and tugged her on until she came to another open doorway. Beneath the sporadic sounds of things breaking and the continual sound of something large whimpering, Justice could now also hear the occasion human moan.


Fearing her friend was hurt, Justice rushed into the room, only to come to a complete standstill as her mind struggled to take in the sheer enormity of the creature before her.

The first thought that crossed her mind as she craned her head back to look up at the creature was that looking at it was like looking at the Aurora Borealis as it was reflected in snow. It stood staring down at her, its crest of spikes brushing the ceiling and tangling in the chandelier. The effect would have been comical if it hadn’t been for the aura of embarrassed misery emanating from the poor creature.

“Hell…hello, Dragon,” she whispered up at it, in sympathy and awe, “My- my name is Ju-Justice; I’m glad to meet you.”…”

 Lets meet the lady behid these wonderful stories...

Brenda Tetreault grew up on the southern Oregon coast.

All through school, she wrote but put it aside when a school counselor informed her that, while she had a nice little hobby, she would never be good enough at it to pay the bills. After a short stint in the Air Force, during which she met and married her husband, Brenda settled down to be a military wife and the mother of a precocious little boy. She began writing again in her mid-thirties and in 2009 her first book, The Witcher Legacy: Book One of The Bounty Cove Chronicles was finally published.

In 2012 Brenda completed her first paranormal romance series, The Bounty Cove Chronicles, and is currently working on an entirely new series. On September 23, 2013, 'Tempted', the first book in The Nightshade Series was released through Kindle Direct Publishing, and was followed up with the second book in the series, ‘Salvaged’, on May 16, 2014. ‘Beloved’, the third in the series, followed soon after on October 28, 2014. The fourth and most recent book in the series, Fated, hit the shelves July 14, 2015.

Today, Brenda is enjoying a small amount of success, and has even paid a few bills with her writing! While she is unsure how many adventures there will be in this new series, Brenda does promise that it will feature all of the fun, adventure, love, steamy sex, and happily ever afters that have been the hallmarks of her writing from the beginning!


These teasers GAH!! I love them I decided I couldnt just pick one or two to share so you get to see them all , I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ! 

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