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I think I have to agree with the Author on this one, Rule is a fun time ;)

Shaw the long time family friend pseudo sister has the not so fun job to drag Rules hung over ass out of bed every Sunday and take him to family brunch. Every Sunday is the same having to witness Rule in all his naked glory booting out his Saturday night conquest’s.

Rule the Archer boy who has always been the black sheep, the most ostentatious of the three boys. The Twin that couldn’t compare to his identical counter part. Remy died in a tragic accident and Rule was held responsible by his mother for the whole incident, and was criticized there after for not being Remy.

All this time Shaw has been in love with the wild Archer Twin, keeping that secret along with the other secrets that Remy took to his grave. The Tables finally turn on the Archer Mother and Shaw stands up for Rule. Years of watching them tear Rule apart she has finally witnessed enough.

The family is in turmoil, the only real family that Shaw has known. Her own parents showed no love, only their disappointment in their daughters choices. Forcing a mutually privileged political off spring on their daughter, she fights back with no avail against her parents who threaten to take away her school funding if she doesn’t make things happen with Gabe.

Shaw finally cuts loose and lets Rule in on her affliction for him. The Roller coaster of emotions from both and the learning what love is for two people that have had it shown/not shown in odd ways their whole life.

This is a fun ride, Good story of Life, Love, Loss and learning to love again.

This story falls into my Mantra Right now Of “Because, Fuck you that’s why” . Rule is Abrasive and speaks his mind , Shaw has always went out of her way to keep everyone happy whether it made her happy or not. The Sex is good the story is Great, If your looking for good fling… Give Rule a Whirl.
I’m Anxious to read Jet’s story =) Book Bitch Melissa

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