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J.L. Durfey is a brand new author with hopes of building a dedicated fan base and stories readers will love. She is currently residing in Kentucky with her husband and two young children. For as long as she can remember, words have inspired and driven her. Writing has always been a means of expression, of therapy, of excitement, and of vulnerability.

Apart from writing and creating fictional worlds, J.L. Durfey enjoys singing, music, shopping, spending time with her wonderful husband and two children, and traveling. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Management through Ashford University, and spent eight years in the Army as a Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear specialist and Engineer. 

DREAMER (book one in the Kali Lockton series)

At twenty-four years old, Kali Lockton has lived her life feeling alone. For a girl who has visions and in turn tries to prevent them from becoming real, social acceptance can be difficult if not near impossible to attain. After enduring years of ridicule and small town gossip, she finds her resiliency behind the thick figurative walls in which she’s encased herself.

Everything changes when, starting a new life away from home, a vision brings her to the young, handsome detective, Jared Miles. For the first time in her life, she has someone who believes and is willing to take risks in order to help her change the inevitable future. Overtime, she finds herself allowing Jared into the depths of her seemingly impenetrable walls, so close to her heart.

When her normal visions turn into recurring, elusive, complicated, inconceivable things that threaten her very existence, she’s forced to turn to him for answers. What she discovers is far more abstruse than anything she could have ever prepared for. To make things worse, she finds herself dangerously exposed in a world full of self-serving, evil beings who would love nothing more than to get their hands on her.

Despite this, nothing terrifies her more than releasing her suppressed feelings for a man she feels certain would never return her affections, a man who's not even human.

I am a huge Para normal Romance fan but I am very picky not everything out there is my cup of tea .... But I loved this book Durfey did an amazing job of setting up the characters and making you love them. Kali who has lived with visions all her life and has been an outcast because of it. Finally she gets to put her visions to work when she meets Jared a Detective who believes her. Kali slowly lets her wall down and starts to fall in love with the HOT detective Jared who seems to always know what she is thinking....*hint* She has one haunting vision that plagues her and it seems to be getting worse coming to her during the day causing her to black out so she can see things she doesn't understand or think could ever exist. We soon learn there is so much more to her visions powerful beings who would kill for that gift. Kali soon learns Jared is not a detective but A type of Guardian or warrior from his relem she meets several others who would kill to have her as their own. The ending of book one will leave you with the need for more. I cant wait for book two to come out!!! I am so glad I took a chance and read a new author!

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