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Cover Reveal, Giveaway and Interview with Anna Applegate Author of Protected

I have been a buzzing bug in Anna's ear for months now bugging her about her dream cast and giving her a bad time because her Idea of who James (her main hunk) and my Idea were so totally different and I spent hours sending her hot guy pictures trying to get her to change her mind ( evil Laugh) But Anna held strong but not all was lost on my part I got some good info out of her lol plus I am also one of her Beta readers so I already had an inside scoop.

So I have to share how these questions I asked Anna came about there was a sign up for hosting new authors and blogging about them so I went to the blog page and Totally read Anne Applegate as Anna Applegate I was so excited I signed up told Anna about it and she was lost ...clueless and didnt know what I was talking about so a few emails later as we chatted she explained to me that she wasn't part of that blogger thing ...yeah total fail on my part lol I still haven't herd back from that blog with answers to my questions for the author who must think either A im a stalker or B crazy lol. any who we both got a good laugh out of it and I still got Anna to answer them.

Stephenie : dream cast ....I know we have talked about it but who do you see playing all of your characters ?

Anna: This is such a tough question. I have such a vivid picture in my head of my characters that to try to choose actors to play them has been so difficult. I think I’ve got a pretty decent idea with the names below. Hopefully no one is too disappointed
James – Okay, I lied I don’t have a name. But there is a model on Shutterstock (and now on my book cover) that is the closest I’ve come to finding a person who looks similar. So I’m naming the model James Rymer in my head haha.

Ariya –  Teresa Palmer

Caroline – Jessica Stroup

Nick –  Max Irons

Riley – Matt Lanter

Emma – Isabel Lucas

Devon – Brant Dougherty

Stephenie : when you started writing this story did you have a outline or did you just let the characters story come as you wrote??

Anna: I let the characters story come as I wrote. I feel like I was experiencing the story just as my readers. I was surprised at some of the directions that the characters went. I just let them work out the story and wrote it out :)

Stephenie: who are your favorite paranormal authors?? did any of them inspire you to write this story??

Anna: I love HP Mallory. I think her stories are fun and unique. That’s what I love about stories. HP Mallory was actually a huge inspiration. I hadn’t known much about self-publishing but after reading her books and wanting to learn more about her as an author, I saw that was the route she took. I got her book about self-publishing and started reading it and realizing that if I wanted my story out there, I had a lot of work to do. I joined the HP Writing Group on Facebook and met my two writing partners there. It was through that book guide and then the relationships formed with them that I got the confidence to continue to pursue publishing my work.

I also really enjoy Amy Bartol’s Premonition Series and Amanda Hocking’s Trylle series. I’d have to say my other favorite paranormal author is JL Durfey – who happens to have done my cover! She is one of my writing partners and her stories are absolutely brilliant!

Stephenie : if you could sit down with 3 authors to discuss your story line, where you saw it going and to see what advise they could give you who would they be and why

Anna: Oh my goodness! Jane Austin for sure. I love her wit and her romance. Diana Gabeldon, because I love her historical aspect to her stories. I’d love to get her take on some of the ways I am incorporating history into the trilogy. Finally, probably EL James or Sylvia Day to help out with my romance scenes The trilogy progresses as Ariya “grows up” and to get a more new-adult take on things would be interesting!

Stephenie : do you have a play list you write to? Do you have a play list for this book?

Anna: I actually can’t write to music. I know it seems weird, so many people use music to write. I use music when I’m editing though and re-reading. When I’m first putting the thoughts out there I need quiet. There are a couple songs I listened to while editing that I loved for this book though! I might put together an actual playlist but here are a few I went through while editing:

1. Half Alive – Secondhand Serenade
2. I Will Wait – Mumford and Sons
3. The Great Escape – Exit 245 (James Madison University A capella group – that was my college )
4. Out Loud – Dispatch
5. Rule the World – Take That
6. Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol

Stephenie : As a first time Author what was your biggest fear before you hit the publish button?

Anna: Oh man, there were a lot of fears before hitting that publish button. I think the biggest fear was the reaction to the book. I had a fear like, what they heck am I doing? How can I possibly be an author? When you work so hard and pour so much of yourself into something, it can be intimidating to share that with others. Sometimes, the book feels as personal as a diary so to let others into it is definitely a fear. But then, I just had to remind myself that I was happy with the story and there were some people who enjoyed it while beta reading ().

Stephenie: Now that you have hit that button and have published How do you feel??

Anna: It feels amazing. When I started my journey back in September 2012, I never thought I would actually get to this point. I feel like I’ve learned so much. Now, I can’t imagine NOT writing. It’s a stress reliever and I love creating something, another world. It’s a rush and I hope I can keep pushing out more books!

Stephenie: when can we look forward to the paperback version ??

Anna: I actually just decided to move forward with paperbacks I think I am going to get Protected edited one more time. I hope to have Book 2 (title will be revealed with the cover in the coming weeks) ready at the same time the book is released. Which I’m excited I just chose a release date but haven’t told anyone yet!! Stay tuned for that!!

Stephenie: what words of wisdom do you have for new authors out there??

Anna: The biggest thing is to not give up! I think if anyone has a dream, and they work hard, they can achieve it. I know that sounds super Disney of me But it’s true. I really think if you have a goal and determination, you’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished. The other thing, almost as important, is to believe in yourself.

Stephenie: Team R or Team J where do you stand ??? who do you love more and why??

Anna: Hmmm…I think I am Team James. I like his protecting nature.  I love that he would take care of Ariya no matter what (even though she does a pretty good job of taking care of herself). Plus, he’s a vampire and clearly I’m fan Riley is pretty fantastic too though. I am not saying that because I am Team James means Ariya will stay Team James. That’s still up in the air, right?

Ok so now for what you all have been waiting for the new cover of Protected. This cover was designed by the Talented J.L Durfey which I also happen to Beta read for and who is also an Amazing Author ! I just have to say I am pretty lucky to have been introduced to her thru Anna. 

Protected: Book 1 in the Ariya Adams trilogy GENRE: New-Adult, Paranormal Romance Design by J.L Durfey

At the start of her senior year at Kingsbrook College, a small school in Northern Michigan, Ariya Adams has a perfectly normal existence. Determined to make this her best year yet, she attends her classes and hangs out with the friends she has come to love more than life. With the arrival of the sexy and mysterious transfer student James Rymer, Ariya Adams’ world is turned upside down. Not only does the new stranger bring out emotions she's never felt, but he seems to be intertwined in her existence even more than she could have imagined. She discovers that “normal” isn’t what she thought it was and that the lines between fantasy and reality don’t exist, at least not for her. Danger soon comes for her and she discovers that everyone has been keeping secrets. The battle between one’s duty and what feels right will have to be fought and it may be a struggle for Ariya to stay alive.

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