Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tell Me Im Dreaming (The Kali Lockton Trilogy, #2) Cover Reveal By J.L Durfey

I am so excited for you all to read J.L Durfey's new book coming in Sept.  I am one of the lucky few to beta read it and I swear I had it done in a day and a half and spent countless hours discussing all the crazy things that happen thru out the book with a few other betas.  This cover is amazing as well!! So keep your eyes peeled we will let you know when it is live on amazon!!

      Title: Tell Me I'm Dreaming (The Kali Lockton Trilogy, #2)
                                        Author: JL Durfey
                          Publication date: September 18, 2013

Seeing things before they happen has made twenty-four year old Kali Lockton quite the celebrity in the elemental world, only the attention is far from good. In fact, she lives each day with a target over her head. Her only defenses are her visions and Jared Miles, the man who holds her heart and has made it his duty to protect her from his own world.
When both of those things are jeopardized, Kali is forced to retreat from her safety net and put her trust in the dangerously sexy Alexander Payne, someone she’s always viewed as manipulative and self-serving.

Just when Kali believes her life couldn't unravel further, everything she’s known about herself, including her value to the elemental world, disintegrates with a few shocking revelations. Kali learns she is not only the key to an elemental king’s power, but that she carries the responsibility of the continued existence of worlds she’s learned to fear, people she’s never met, and the ones she loves dearly. But such responsibility never comes without a price.

Haven't read book 1 yet well you still have some time before book 2 hits amazon. Here is a link to Dreamer take a peek you wont be disappointed. Its only 99 pennies thats a steal and a great deal!
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~Explore a world of romance, heartfelt struggles, and the existence of alternate realities~

Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

The Kali Lockton Trilogy, Book 1      

At twenty-four years old, Kali Lockton has lived her life feeling alone. For a girl who has visions and in turn tries to prevent them from becoming real, social acceptance can be difficult if not near impossible to attain. After enduring years of ridicule and small town gossip, she finds her resiliency behind the thick figurative walls in which she's encased herself.

Everything changes when, starting a new life away from home, a vision brings her to the young, handsome detective, Jared Miles. For the first time in her life, she has someone who believes and is willing to take risks in order to help her change the inevitable future. Overtime, she finds herself allowing Jared into the depths of her seemingly impenetrable walls, so close to her heart.

When her normal visions turn into recurring, elusive, complicated, inconceivable things that threaten her very existence, she's forced to turn to him for answers. What she discovers is far more abstruse than anything she could have ever prepared for. To make things worse, she finds herself dangerously exposed in a world full of self-serving, evil beings who would love nothing more than to get their hands on her.

Despite this, nothing terrifies her more than releasing her suppressed feelings for a man she feels certain would never return her affections, a man who's not even human.

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