Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reality By Dani Hart

I'm a little late on getting my review up but its here. I got the chance to read Reality in exchange for a honest review.  This was a good read.  Now it took me a bit to get in to the book but im not sure if that because I was suffering from a book hang over or just had so much going on it was taking me longer to emerge my self in the book.  I will have to say the story line was great I love good verses evil and love triangles and i know some people are tired of them but really at some point in all our lives we have been in a triangle one way or another.  Dani did a good job showing Arie how a life changing event can really shape what we see how we act and can change how feel.  River her best friend since she was little has stuck by her through everything and still keeps coming back even in her worst state when she pushes everyone away you have to love him for that and feel sorry for him too because we all know what happens to the good guy.Then you have Ashe and you cant help but like him too he is bringing back the Arie that has been locked behind a closed door for so long.  Arie learns so much in this book .  I love the plays on nature and how we all are apart of something bigger .  I cant say more with out giving too much away .  want to read something different not you typical HEA then take a chance and read Reality Book 1.

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