Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bonded With Love Spotlight By Tiffany Heiser

Title: Bonded With Love
Series: With Love, #1
Author: Tiffany Heiser
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Never in a trillion years did Rena really think vampires existed...or that she had enemies among them.
Beginning of senior year, and Rena Vesten is hoping for something incredible to happen. She never
expected that the dark-haired, blue-eyed man of her dreams-literally-to suddenly appear as the new
student at school.
The gorgeous mystery guy, Cryder, has more secrets than his inexplicable presence in her dreams.
Soon Rena's world takes a turn into the supernatural when she finds out Cryder is a vampire king with a
deadly rebellion on his hands, and a destiny irrevocably tied to Rena's...
...'till death do them part.

The bell above the door jingled as I walked into the building, and the smells of new and old
books wafted their way through my nostrils. This was heaven. I perused the aisles finding the new
supernatural and fantasy ones. I thought about the large pile at home waiting to be read. It was about to
get larger. I made my way toward the counter to pay, when the pounding headache found its way back.
Immediately following, nausea clenched my stomach causing a few gags to gurgle out of my throat. I
couldn't catch my breath and my heart jabbed against my rib cage. Trying to walk, and find somewhere
to sit, I fell taking the books with me to the floor. When my eyes opened, darkness surrounded me. One
tiny light peaked from behind the black drapes. Fear tightened its grip on my stomach.  I stood on legs of Jell-O and made my way toward the light, hoping it would wake me from this
odd dream. Stumbling across the dark path, a figure draped in night stood before me. A yelp escaped
from my lips. I tried to get away, but his sparkling blue eyes locked me in place. With midnight hair
spiked to a perfect point, he watched me with pursed lips. His toned body towered over me.
His eyes danced along each portion of my body and I felt naked standing unguarded in front
of him. In those eyes there wasn't desire but a longing, and I understood. I couldn't move, and didn't
want to. For the briefest of seconds we stared at each other. Then he took a step forward. With that
one step, his body was drenched in light head to toe. I could see every detail. With that one minor step
forward his whole appearance had changed drastically. He went from being a dark seductive stranger, to a hideous foul beast. His blue eyes transformed to a deep shade of red like blood coated them. His lips
once so full and lush, were now pulled back into a sneer as large protruding fangs slid from his gums.
I screamed and looked around for an escape, but where do you run to in the dream world? His
hand clenched against my shoulder. He spun me around and brought my back against his tight chest.
Hard stiff hands pulled my head to a tilt. I felt hot steamy breath against the crevice of my neck. Was
he going to bite me? Sobbing, I tried to break free from his grasp. Hoping that death in a dream was
only that, but this dream seemed so real, so alive; I didn't know what to expect. Thrashing about I felt
more hands on my shoulders, and I tried to fight back. When my eyes opened, the room was bathed in
beautiful luminescence. I found myself back in the book store.
“What was that?” I asked to no one in particular. I sighed with relief. It was nice to be back in
the real world. That dream was frightening. I felt his hands on my body. His hot breath still stuck to my

Tiffany Heiser is the author of the With Love series, a paranormal romance. She lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, Brian, and newborn son, Parker. She is an avid reader and enjoys rainy days. She has
always written. When she was younger, it started with poetry and short stories, but as she got older she
knew her dream was to become a published author. Her dream became reality when she decided to put
her pen to paper and created Bonded With Love, from there she has also published a short story prequel to the With Love series, Broken Bond, and recently released Book 2, Struggle With Love.


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