Tuesday, July 16, 2013

COVER REVEAL I Feel You Pain By Cindy Harrington

For as long as Jade could remember, she has felt the emotions
of those around her. After the death of her mother, Jade avoided
people at all costs and grew up very alone. Desperate to find solitude,
she attempts to leave town, only to find herself in the
middle of a scheme, set up to save others like her.
Teaming up with Dereck, a psychic, and his cousin, Jordan,
who happens to be a ghost, Jade begins a new chapter in her life,
turning head first into danger, and forever changing her life.
She is now part of something miraculous and finds love
and a cause she believes in. She's finally discovering
she is exactly who she should be and doesn't have to be alone.
in the most unlikely of places. Life gives her friends,
She realizes that helping was never an option.
Destiny intervened, and she must follow.
Will she be able to find the answers in time,
or will she be another casualty of a deranged monster?

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