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The saying goes that there is a fine line between love and hate...but what happens when the line becomes blurred? 

When life hands Phoebe Andrews her dream job, she’s ecstatic. That is, until she realizes that in order to pursue her dream she’ll have to give up her cosmopolitan lifestyle in Chicago and move to Nashville. As if leaving all she knows behind wasn’t enough, a car accident on her first day in town does nothing to convince the city girl that country living is all it’s cracked up to be.

As an only child, Dean Montgomery has obligations—obligations which have left him angry at the world. Just as his monotone life has begun to leave him jaded, he is brought back to earth with a bang...literally. 

Fate conspires to bring the city girl and the country boy together, but can Dean stay out of trouble long enough for the pair to test the boundaries of their tempestuous relationship?

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~This is an all around wonderful book. If you're looking for a quick but great read, this is the one.
Phoebe, for me, started out as one of those girls that grates on your nerves. All dressed perfectly. Nails, hair, make-up always done before going anywhere.
Now I love me some shoes too, but I do NOT have a different pair for every outfit.
I literally laughed out loud when I read "in this kind of heat, a girl as sweet as me could melt in two seconds flat," and when she uses her own towels at hotel because she doesn't know how often the change them out and there was no way she was "drying off my clean body with something that feels like a scratching post." Really? A bit full of ourselves? Or after the crash, all she's concerned about, is the fact that there was blood on her favorite white shorts, while Dean is hoping she's going to be o.k.
I liked Dean from the get-go. Maybe because he was ALL country boy. Tan, ripped, and a hard worker. Yes he was grumpy about his home life and doing some complaining in his head, but lets be honest... things aren't always be fantastic, and sometimes you just gotta keep your mouth shut.
Dean seemed to be keeping his mouth shut a lot. To his parents for sure. I didn't really like his dad, at all, until almost the end of the story.
Putting this Prissy city girl who's never had a bon-fire before, with the man that's been working the farm since he was 10 and you get perfectly dysfunctional, spark flying chemistry. I love the fact that neither one of them could stand the other when they opened their mouths.
I'm just gonna throw it out there, without any spoilers... I HATE Devon.
I love that Dean and Emily brought some country to Phoebe and she learn to lighten up. When she rolls down the stairs in yesterday's clothes and her hair all a mess I smiled.
I didn't really want it to end (like all good books) but I look forward to reading more about Dean and Phoebe in Josh and Hadley's story.
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When Stacey isn't writing, she's a full-time mom, which means she's a cook, chauffeur, maid, nurse and constantly on the go. She was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan which is where she resides today. Raising her children as a single parent has proven it's difficulties but she doesn't let that stop her from doing the things that make her happy. In her down time, which is rare, you can find her curled up with a book. 

Twitter: @Stacebentley

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