Sunday, September 1, 2013

Author Spotlight CYDNEY LAWSON

                                 Author Cydney Lawson

Cydney Lawson is an adventurous college student with a slightly awkward, yet quirky, personality. She can always be found with pen and paper in hand, and chocolate and a paperback close by. When not writing, Cydney can be found studying for her creative writing degree, spending time with friends and family, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Her dream is to move away from the craziness of the city and live in a cabin in the woods with her 2 dogs (who don’t belong to her yet) as a full time writer and editor.

Find Cydney Online:

The Last of The Fallen Trilogy

A beautiful, naked girl falls from the sky and lands in the backyard of an unassuming boy named Charlie.
And so begins a tale of courage, love and destiny in this gripping series by Cydney Lawson.
Beautifully written and gloriously explored, The Last Of The Fallen trilogy takes the reader on a journey full of inventive characters and unbelievable plot twists.  How it all ends will leave you breathless and completely blown away.

BOOK THREE – “prestigious” (To be released late 2013)

Prestigious by Cydney LawsonSYNOPSIS:
Charlie never learns.
Since he found the only thing worth finding, he’s been doing nothing but fighting to hold onto her. But with Tane being tutored by a famous madman, and her half-sense risen from the dead, Charlie feels like he’s right back where he started: nowhere near as close as he wants to be to the girl he loves.
War is approaching in Fismuth fast, and tensions between leaders on both sides of the Wall are mounting. While Charlie struggles to find his place in the ranks and in Tane’s heart before the world ends, Tane battles the pressure to lead an army of banished angels against the only family she’s ever known. Charlie must rely on friends and even a few enemies if he plans to survive heaven’s ultimate battle. But Tane doesn’t plan to survive at all.
In the last installment of The Last of The Fallen Trilogy, Charlie and Tane will build an army of outcasts to bring down an army of angels.

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