Friday, April 12, 2013


Last night I had the opportunity to read this short story. Its the perfect length if you need a short read during your lunch break or sitting in the docs office.

so here is the synopsis :

Krischa thought she'd found the perfect guy the night the hot dark haired, blue eyed, stranger walked into the club only to find out she may have met the devil himself. After 10 years of being used and abused Krischa decides she can't let her life end this way and it might be time to show him just how dangerous an angry woman can be.

This was a easy quick read we learn real quick this hot sexy man is nothing more that a dirt bag that needs a bullet to the head. We get to see in the short time his short fuse and his shitty ways. Then you think story is going to turn around she is pregnant and he is happy but that is a short lived and you know whats about to happen. By this point im thinking to my self can i read further is she just gonna take this abuse?? Well man oh man she finally leaves him takes all his money donates most of it to charity and keeps enough to escape. The title is fitting she lights him up. I would recommend this short story its a good read. I thought this was a great start to a good book at the end I wanted to know more. I am going to check out her other books as well.
Book Bitch Stephenie

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