Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review of Taking Chances by: Molly McAdams

After sitting in my Kindle for a couple Months, and working its way up on my TBR list I finally cracked this book. I should have read it sooner was my first thought. My Second thought was I wish I started it when I was not at work because I am sure I was not the nicest person when I was being interrupted. I knew right away that I should have followed the advise the other SMB bitches a lot sooner.

This is my Review, and Feeble attempt not to spoil the book for anyone.

Harper is a 18 year old girl finally out on her own after growing up sheltered under the thumb of a military father and being raised by a group of jar heads. Harper heads off to college, her first taste a freedom. She makes fast friends with her Room mate who introduces her to a new life style one she has only heard about from the guys in her fathers unit. Harper is quickly faced with obstacles having been thrown into a new world of college, partying and gorgeous guys. Harper is faced with the choice between Chase her Room mates gorgeous tattooed brother, and Brandon her muscled and tattooed boyfriend. The problem? They are everything she has been raised to stay away from, but some how is now drawn too. Page after page of emotions. I laughed, I Cried (A LOT), I got angry. I read in suspense holding my breath. Two Equally gorgeous men after Harper, Who will she choose? After a tragic turn of events, just when you think you can’t possibly feel anymore emotion there it is again!

Attention grabbing and Emotion evoking book from cover to cover.

If you haven’t read this it’s a must read. Young Adult coming of age Love triangle.

Molly McAdams is a Fab Author. I will be anxiously awaiting the release of Stealing Harper the follow up to Taking Chances and her book signing event in Seattle so I can finally hug this girl that made me cry at work! ( I don’t cry at work. PERIOD)
Also from Molly is 'From Ashes' another must read. I could go on all day about this book, in all honesty I am still hooked and will most likely be reading it again in the near future...I don't want to spoil the greatness of this book so go grab yourself a copy and a box of tissues. Book Bitch Melissa

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